Welcome to BACP Private Practice

BACP Private Practice is the division of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) that supports members primarily in, or about to embark upon, counselling or psychotherapy in private practice.

Briefing Paper - The Contribution of Private Practice Counselling

The BACP Private Practice Executive Committee has produced a briefing paper on the specific contribution of private practice counselling. You can download a copy below:

Contribution of Private Practice counselling

Who joins BACP Private Practice?

  • BACP members who work independently
  • Counselling trainees who have yet to establish their counselling direction and who are interested in private practice

What does BACP Private Practice do?

  • As a friendly and welcoming division of BACP, we provide a sense of professional belonging
  • We ensure members’ needs are heard and acted on – from networking to combating isolation
  • We share training opportunities and support professional development
  • We emphasise the maintenance of clear boundaries and the provision of appropriate support and supervision
  • We hold equal opportunities as an integral part of our philosophy and members from different cultures or groups are actively encouraged to join

What’s in it for me?

  •  Private Practice – our journal is delivered to your door four times a year, providing news articles, book reviews and sector-specific information on a broad range of topics relevant to private practitioners
  •  Special members’ discount to attend our annual conference – our 2013 conference, ‘Depression: What's Therapy Got To Do with it?’ was our biggest yet with over 150 attendees.
  •  Quarterly e-bulletins – to keep you up to date with news of latest developments within the division
  •  Opportunities for professional development
  •  Representation of your professional interests within BACP and elsewhere